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Fraternal Order of PoliceOhio Valley Lodge 112Cincinnati, Ohio

Right To Work Movement


Brothers and Sisters, Please read the note from State FOP President Jay McDonald. The Right to Work Movement is building.

Don't be fooled into signing their petitions. This movement is bad for all workers, public and private.


Part of the below information was copied from http://www.centralohioabc.org/ <http://www.centralohioabc.org/> , the Associated Builders and Contractors (the anti-union contractors). It outlines how they will pay for signatures to put Right to Work FOR LESS on the ballot. It talks about how groups can be given money to collect signatures.

This effort is serious. The goal of RTW is to bankrupt unions, including yours. We learned in the SB 5 fight that we need to be prepared to win, before we can win. We need to utilize this time now. We need to build our database of email addresses and phone numbers. We need to have the membership information in order to defeat RTW because we will rely on YOU, the membership, to carry the message about why RTW is bad for Ohio.

We will need you and your Brothers and Sisters to be able to carry the message Right to work laws lower wages for everyone. In RTW states, they make on average $5000 less in annual salary for all jobs---union and non-union. We will need you and your Brothers and Sisters to explain to your neighbors that Right to work laws just aren't fair to dues-paying members. If a nonunion worker is fired illegally, the union must use its time and money to defend him or her, even if that requires going through a costly legal process. Everyone benefits, so all should share in the process. Non-members can even sue the union if they think it has not represented them well enough.

Please, PLEASE, go to www.fopvotes.org/survey and enter your information so that we can call upon you to help us protect your FOP. If you are in the FOPA, please collect the names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses of your Brothers and Sisters in the FOPA and email them to Aaron Crawford at acrawford@fopohio.org, so that we can communicate with them.

This is so important, we are not waiting . We are getting ramped up now to defend our membership. Remember, UNITED WE STAND, DIVIDED WE WILL SURELY FAIL. WE GOT YOUR BACK!

Jay McDonald, Ohio State FOP President