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Fraternal Order of PoliceOhio Valley Lodge 112Cincinnati, Ohio

2018 Membership Dues

It is time to pay your membership dues for 2018. Dues must be paid prior to February 1st to avoid suspension and a late fee of $10 being added to your yearly dues.

If you have not completed a Membership Update/Beneficiary form within the past twelve months, or if any information has changed, such as address, phone numbers, email address, etc., please print and complete the form, which can be found on this web site. This will allow your records, both locally and at the Grand Lodge to be accurate and up-to-date.

Once completed, mail the form, along with a check for your  2018 dues to the Lodge secretary. The mailing address is:

Ohio Valley Lodge 112

Fraternal Order of Police

ATTN: Lodge Secretary

523 Cincinnati Batavia Pike

Cincinnati, OH 45244

Dues structure:

New Application for LEOs:

$70.00 plus $6.00 Administrative Fee ($76.00 total)

Active Current Member:

$70.00 annually

Retired Current Member after 2000:

$30.00 annually

Retired Current Member before 2000:

$10.00 annually

Reinstatement Late payment fee, if received after February 1st:

$10.00 late fee, plus current annual dues